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These magic mushrooms are the second largest. The fresh mushroom stems are white with a height that range between 8-12 inches. Their caps are convex and brown with a prominent nipple-like protrusion at the center. The caps’ diameters vary from one inch when young to two inches during maturity. As the shrooms mature, the caps open up into a plane shape, and their brownish color remains in the center of their tips. The stems of the Amazonian mushrooms turn bluish when pressed due to the potent levels of psilocybin. The mushrooms shrink when dried because they are composed of up to 90% water.

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Best Amazonian Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Amazonian) is an ancient strain that traces back to the Amazon forest. It is unknown which mycologist originally collected this strain but this popular strain has been domesticated for over 50 years. The Amazonian shrooms are known to be thick and fleshy. It is not the easiest strain to grow commercially because of its slow fruiting. Our staff report that Amazonian shrooms provide a good balance of colourful visuals and spiritual experience. It’s recommended for an intense visual trip with close friends or also recommended for a party with a smaller dosage. Some have reported this strain energized them to get up and dance!

Amazonian Magical Shrooms Effects

The effects of Amazonian magic mushrooms vary depending on the individual’s body weight, tolerance level, and the quantity. These effects manifest after about 2 hours of consumption and last for 3-12 hours.  Psilocybin in these magic shrooms increases your brain’s serotonin levels, resulting in an enhanced mood, mental clarity, focus, euphoria, creativity, and increased socialization. Overstimulation of your thalamus leads to hallucinatory and fantastic perceptions. 2.5 of the grams of the shroom are enough to get you high. The potent shrooms do not discriminate users; it gives both novice and expert a massive hit. Use Amazonian shrooms during the day and handle challenging tasks easily.

How to Dose Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms

Dosage Guide:

0.1 g – 0.4 – Microdose

0.5 g – 1 g – Medium “Creative” Dose 

1 g – 2g – Light Dose

2 g – 3.5 g – Standard Dose

3.5 g – 5 g – High Dose


1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams


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